Construction Services

We are happy to have you here at Kristiansand A/S, where quality and innovation dominate in all the projects we undertake.



Our complete service is designed especially for our clients with total dedication to customer satisfaction and outstanding quality of service. Let’s delve into the core services we offer: In conclusion, we are not only a construction firm but partners in move at KBS, it is our motto to make a development from projects to reality. kjemisk injeksjon



It’s equipped with a wide variety of wires selection but to ensure that the project is done as required each session, even in the most challenging conditions. Through the fusion of knowledge, creativity and the undying devotion, we attain mastery of a future which makes a paradigm where quality and the excellence are the only principles.



While working with up-to-date wire-saw and customized saws for projects, our staff can handle jobs of any magnitude regardless: cellar door installation to an underwater work. Walk along this path with us and witness our uncompromising passion for creating each item in a unique way.


It’s without a question that core drilling is the backbone for many projects in construction , and as for Kristiansand Bygg A/S, we ace in this category. We are devoted to an assortment of our technologically advanced drilling machines – suitable for different uses, as they serve residential ventilation systems to industrial facilities. With drill core diameters ranging from Ø8 mm to Ø1200 mm, we provide a nothing else like the perfectly made core drilling. Regardless of the type of core which is concrete, stone, and reinforcement our core drilling solutions represent a custom statement given speed and accuracy.


A Kristiansand Bygg A/S facility concrete sawing is all about skill and professionalism--competency, for which our company is known. The utilization of floating sawing to wall sawing and even the most extravagant underwater activities is part of our top-notch procedures which are useful in delivering exceptional results. For more detail about Kristiansand Bygg AS


When you choose our services, you can rest assured that your needs are our top priority. Kristiansand Bygg A/S is highly proficient in wiresaging, one of our key distinctive features of operation. All craftsmen, and that counts our divers with internationally acknowledged certificates as well, are involved in varied & equally complex tasks with uncompromising accuracy, thus providing the customers with top-notch services whenever we get an assignment. Get more information about betongsaging.


While diving is a comparatively new area for us, we are able to apply our professionalism from above the surface to the depths underwater with our great selection of diving services. Our work divers not only handle wire sawing underwater to recovery and vessel examinations but they do it with knowledge and a great sense of responsibility serving better.


Moisture permeability constitutes a significant problem concerning concrete constructions eventually causing the deterioration of their reliability and resilience We do this by means of chemical injection sealing: we seal cracks and leaks, which protects the concrete from leaks and at the same time improves its overall structural strength. Our solutions focus on moisture intrusion prevention which not only protects the concrete infrastructure from degradation but also increases resilience to high moisture locations.


Creating a natural environment in places of flowers of mountain which to some extent carry on the flower market concept, our mountain sawing services override the inadequacy spots of space making them sophisticated and comfortably glamorous. The process of transforming rock into an artistic, one-of-a-kind piece with saws that can clear obstacles and shape terrain sparks us to see the natural beauty inside of rock.